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->   Why Chicken Rocket™
    No Spilling
    4 pounds of Cast Iron
    Reduces cooktime
    Healthier than aluminum
    Adds flavor
    Retains moisture
    Non stick
    Easier to Use
    Great with chicken, ducks and turkeys!
Why Chicken Rocket™ ?

Cast Iron cookware is built for life and so is the Chicken Rocket. Cast iron is one of the oldest metals to be used in the manufacture of cookware (in use since the Middle Ages and brought to America with Columbus). Serious chefs understand the value of the cast iron utensil as a precision cooking tool...he properties of cast iron that professional chefs appreciate are heat retention and even heat distribution, which enable the chef to maintain precise control of the heat  and guarantee even cooking with no "hot spots", which are common occurrences with other metals. Because of the heat retention, the Chicken Rocket™ is able to reduce cook-time dramatically.  For example a whole chicken on the grill may take over 2 hours to cook using traditional methods of cooking. With our Chicken Rocket a whole chicken takes about an hour. Another fine example is cooking a 12 pound turkey in the oven for 4 to 6 hours using traditional cooking methods. With our cast iron Rocket cookware, that same 12 pound turkey is cooked in 2 hours. What separates the Chicken Rocket from other cooking tools is it’s ability to cook from the inside out. The end result is the best tasting chicken, turkey or duck you will ever eat, one where the white meat is actually moist and delicious.    

 Why Chicken Rocket

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